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Always Easy to Use

Simplicity isn't just part of our philosophy, it truly describes the entire 123bill experience!

Shopping with participating 123bill merchants is fast and safe. You can checkout in seconds by using only your 123bill username and password which is stored safely in your memory if you choose. Cruise the internet and comparison shop for the best stuff worry-free! You know that when you find merchants who accept 123bill that they meet our standards for quality of product and service.

Providing you with exceptional customer service when you have questions or concerns is what we strive for. Despite the fact that we are an online service we are proud to be well staffed with customer care representatives to assist you via our Toll Free number 1-866-BILL-123. What matters most is that when you have a concern that it can be dealt with swiftly without causing undue effort and stress to you, our valued customer.

When you receive statements from us simply send your payment in before it's due. With twenty five days to pay from the date of your purchase there is plenty of time to do this at your convenience. Simply put our invoice in your stack of bills and whenever you sit down each month to pay them make sure we're taken care of too. Most bills in life are sent out two weeks or less from when they are due giving you very little time to pay them after received. Choose 123bill and such annoying billing practices will be a thing of the past!

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