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Service Explained

We would like to be your preferred method of payment online. Identity theft and online fraud are increasing yearly despite the amazing technology that is all around us. We believe that if you shop online with a 123bill account that you can do it securely and completely avoid all of these risks. With our solution you stop making the credit card companies rich from fees, interest and complicated rules.

Creating a 123bill account is simple because we require minimal personal information. We collect your full name, date of birth, address, phone number and your Social Security number. We collect your information on a web page which is secured with 128 bit strong encryption provided by Verisign. Our secure systems communicate directly with leading credit bureaus. Based on their verification of the information provided, we make a decision on whether or not to approve your account.

We do not pull your credit report and at no time do our systems have access to any of your other personal information. We validate your identity in seconds and you are instantly extended credit to shop at all participating 123bill merchants. Our philosophy is different than credit cards, banks and other lending institutions! We believe that you deserve a credit line that you can use to shop securely online regardless of your credit history.

A bill will be mailed to you within one day of your purchase and you will have twenty five days to send in payment. We do not charge interest and your account is not "revolving" as each charge must be paid within twenty five days from the date of purchase. Pay your bills in the generous time allowed and you will be able to enjoy our convenient service for all time!

Shopping with 123bill merchants couldn't be easier. Simply choose our payment method at checkout and you will be sent to a secure page on our web site where you will enter your username and password. We then send you back to the merchant approved and your purchase is complete. If you are purchasing a subscription service or informational product delivered entirely online then the merchant will not have your details and your shopping will be completely anonymous. No more worrying about annoying telemarketers and junk mail to your home!

We take extraordinary measures to assure that only the best online retailers are allowed to participate with 123bill. Accordingly, we offer you complete purchase protection and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have no lengthy or complicated dispute process! Our patient and understanding customer representatives are empowered to make fast and appropriate decisions.

We make online shopping secure, simple and speedy. You will receive private invoicing to the address of your choice. Enjoy the ability to pay up to twenty five days later at your convenience, most likely when you are writing out your other bills. Reward yourself and create a 123bill account today!

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