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Completely Secure Transactions

Shopping at participating online retailers with your 123bill account is completely secure. At checkout you are transferred to our secure web site where you give your 123bill username and password. Your username and password is something you will keep in memory, something that can never be stolen. Validated in seconds, you are then sent back to the merchant where your purchase is approved and completed.

When you are shopping for subscription and informational services that are delivered entirely online you will be completely anonymous. These merchants will at most only have your E-Mail address and name. Merchants that sell hard goods will only have that information which is necessary to ship your purchase and nothing else.

Not releasing any personal information to merchants online means that you are secure and protected. You no longer have to worry about identity theft or fraudulent purchases because with 123bill you are completely protected. Only the best online merchants are allowed to accept 123bill so you can always shop with confidence.

Creating an account with 123bill requires that we communicate your data directly to trusted leaders in accurate credit reporting and they validate the accuracy of the information we have received. Because all account pages on our web site are secured with 128 bit strong encryption, the information we do collect can never be spied on or stolen.

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