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Fee Free ZERO Interest Shopping

What's the catch?

There is none! Establishing a credit account with 123bill takes less than one minute and costs absolutely nothing. Once approved you are instantly able to shop worldwide at all participating 123bill merchants. Experience a world of possibility with guaranteed access to the finest online shopping, entertainment and informational services.

You will never be charged interest on your purchases because this is not a revolving credit account. Each purchase that you make online generates a paper statement which is mailed discreetly to the address of your choice. Get ready to enjoy the convenience of having thirty full days from the date of each purchase to send in payment without ever falling into the "credit trap" of revolving accounts which are costly and accrue interest. With so much time allowed to send payment in you can simply wait to do so until the next time you sit down to write out your regular bills.

There will never any be service fees to shop with 123bill! In fact, retailers may choose to offer discounts to those who shop using 123bill. Merchants pay us for your privledge to shop using 123bill, that is how we profit. When you pay on time with 123bill the service will continue to be available and free to use for all time.

If your account is ever overdue it will be placed on hold until payment is received. No interest will ever be charged on overdue balances! However, if a payment is late we levy a late fee relative to the amount of your initial purchase and if the balance goes past sixty days a collections fee will be applied. More information on this subject can be easily found in the Consumer Account Terms and Conditions.

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